Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reviews for "Kaddish (or The Key in the Window)"

KADDISH (or The Key in the Window)
"Vibrates with invocatory power" - Village Voice

"Mather clearly relates to the material. He speaks with a clear voice that conveys the understanding of a man suffering the loss of a loved one. He also created effective images to support the emotional nuances of those words . . . I found Mather and director Kim Weilds cautious approach an honest one." -

"[Mather's] representation of Naomi (Ginsberg's mother) in the later, calmer years of her insanity--when paranoic visions of anti-Communist spies gave way to tales of cooking lentil soup for God--is simple and touching." --Village Voice
"Mather's precise, contained performance allows the words to be heard in their beauty, fervor and acerbic tone. His performance as Ginsberg's mother is the most memorable-behind a suitcase of pills, her voice coming from a stockinged hand puppet...Sophisticated images are timed to project on a window upstage, allowing a lovely counterbalance to the text."
- Curtainup (Zapol)

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